Sam’s Projects – High Elves Army

Hello to all and to all hello,

Here are the High Elves (Aelves?) I’ve been working on, to add to the Spire of Dawn elves I completed last year. This was a large commission of level 1 and level 2 work totalling nearly 200 minis.

I quite enjoyed the chance to paint the phoenixes as they’re something I’ve wanted to paint since they were released but have never had the opportunity to so it allowed me to have a little fun with colour tones.

I think of all the armies of the old world of Warhammer Fantasy, High Elves always looked the best ranked up and arrayed for battle, the blue and the white, with colourful banners standing tall, always caught my eye whenever they were on the table and these guys definitely looked the part on my desk.

Here are a selection of units, there are others but they’re in a state of disassembly for transport and don’t make for good pictures :)

For the Phoenix King!

– Sam

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Peter’s Projects – Bolt Action Germans & Americans

Hello there!

My name is Peter and the latest artist to come on board with Raven’s Nest in April.

A little about me first (as I am the new guy here) I’ve been painting and collecting miniatures since I was 12 (1989) so that makes me quite old.

I started working for Games Workshop in 1997 for 3 years and have been involved in the miniatures industry ever since. I organise the UK Warmachine and Hordes Nationals and have been involved in Privateer Press in some form for the past 12 years. I have also owned a Game Shop and am still involved as a Community Leader for a local store.

I joined Raven’s Nest in April after deciding I wanted to paint more figures than I had time to (one of the reasons I opened a store!) and have been welcomed on board and been painting lots!

I tend to specialise in small skirmish games like Necromunda and of course Privateer Press, but have painted lots in the past few years!

I mostly play Necromunda (Escher), Warmachine (Retribution, Trolls, Cryx and Legion) 40K (DeathWatch) and Age of Sigmar (Tzeentch), as well as plenty of board games. I have also been known to play Magic.

So enough about me (you have come here to look at models!) here is the first submission from myself. Some Bolt Action German PanzerGrendiers (with Transport) and some US Infantry circa D-Day invasion.

Of course painting Historical miniatures needs lots of research so I may have watch Band of Brothers a few times! Resources like this are really useful when it comes to colour matching and general reviews of how things like Camo looks and the wear that occurs.

I must say I enjoyed painting them, a good break from painting Space Marines and WarJacks, plus I love doing Camo!

Germans 1 Germans 2 Germans 3 Germans 4 Germans 5 Germans 6 Germans 7 US 2 US 3 US

Matt’s Projects – Runner Alien

Hey all, Matt here.

Just wrapped up on one of our display pieces for a fellow named Ian hailing all the way from Paris.

Yep, this charming little beastie is the Runner (Dog Alien) from Alien 3!

Absolutely gorgeous model despite its age, it was a rather easy build although one or two edges and seams took a fair bit of filing to get relatively in alignment, but that’s not uncommon for older plastic casts.


He’s painted in a mixture of Vallejo Game Color paints, predominantly a large mixture of Khaki, Charred Brown, and a half dozen other browns drybrushed on lightly in layers to build up a simple base. Various greens and olive colours and a little more dark brown was applied in strokes over lots of the various curves and vents to dapple the surface somewhat and give us some variation. After that a great deal of wash layers helped to blend everything together.

The head was a little more tricky. Xeno here is composed of a standard plastic head with a clear plastic shell that fits over his cranium. I minimised the seam as much as I could and worked on giving a nice transition from black to the orange, brown and cream colours, actually dappled the surface before airbrushing it back to smooth tones given the nice contrast that makes with the comparatively rather noisy body. Finally, lots… and lots… of gloss varnish. A xeno has to look slick and sexy while he’s killing convicts right?

Thanks Ian, absolute pleasure to do.



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New Studio Pricing Chart

So, as discussed in recent posts, we’ve rebalanced how our painting and basing services are going to work, and as a team we’ve been discussing where we see the costs of these new services settling. We have a table prepared with a draft of these costs for you to view today.

The table below will become live on June 1st, after the website has been through a large rework. Some tweaks are planned, but the prices below are largely what we expect to work with.

Given that our plans have grown to include a number of items like model cases, scenery and others that will be offered as incentives for large orders and sold also through a webstore, the website is going to be worked on through June, and should be expected come the start of July. The pricing changes are going live for all new quotes going forward now.

A few noticeable points.

  • We’ve lowered our projected cost of the Horde rate from £4-5 to a flat £4 per figure. We really want to ensure you have a cost effective method of getting your dozens of minions painted without breaking the bank.
  • Similarly, we’ve kept the cost of our Gaming base standard low to ensure large armies and those working to a budget have affordable options available.
  • Display prices match our old level 3 prices almost exactly.
  • Assembly is the main area that has gone up. We always worked far below minimum wage on assembly, with an average space marine tactical squad usually involving a couple of hours at least of careful part prep, mould line removal, barrel drilling and dynamic posing for just £10. After six years, it’s finally had to change. We’ve done our best to keep it at a level that our customers should find reasonable however, allowing us to cope with inflation and remain competitive.

So please, have a read and plan your projects!

If you have any feedback you’d like to send our way, feel free to leave a comment or mail us at



Pricing Chart Mockup

Our Basing Changes – Coming June 1st

So a little over a week ago I discussed how changes were coming to our painting levels, and how this might affect the prices we charge and services we offer. Another of those posts is needed to cover changes to our Basing services.

– Basing is going to switch from the traditional Level 1 and 2, instead to Gaming, Advanced and Precast.


Gaming Bases

These are the bases we are most commonly asked to make. A simple rocky barrens base with small pebbles, rocks and a little grass. This is the standard for those who want to get right into gaming with something simple and affordable.

These will be our cheapest offering, at £1 per figure for 25-32mm infantry, and scaling up for larger miniatures.


Gaming 4Gaming 5


Advanced Bases

This is going to be where we offer something more complex and custom made. Advanced bases will incorporate various extra materials such as cork, slate, water effects and modelling putties, to make something a little more appealing. Effects like snow, lava or rivers of blood are very possible.

By comparison with Gaming bases, for basic infantry these will be £2 per mini, and scale with size.

Advanced 10Advanced 5

Advanced 2 Advanced 3 Advanced 7

Precast Bases

Rather self explanitory, this category will be for third party manufactured resin bases or for those miniatures that come with complex ornamental bases, such as Forge World’s Horus Heresy primarch miniatures. We will be recommending a range of bases by Micro Art Studios among others. When the website is revamped we will have a section displaying a variety of examples from their ranges.

Pricing will be set at £3 a mini for basic infantry, but will scale with complexity. These bases are rather like painting a second miniature all by themselves.

Precast 7 Precast 6 Precast 8 Precast 9

Very shortly I’ll publish a post with a pricing chart for our rebalanced service costs that will include all the above.

See you all soon,