Pricing Guide

The chart below details the services we offer, with examples given of how they apply to different types of miniatures and an explanation of what is involved.

Please note, category examples shown are for Warhammer 40k, but we can paint any miniatures, including for games such as Fantasy, War Machine, Infinity, Flames of War, and others. Just ask!



Explanation of Terms

Assembly, Magnetisation and Conversion Work

11232065_1116567675025986_14597062181753632_nYou can either build your own models for us to paint, or have us work them up from scratch.

The prices above cover standard assembly work. If you have special requirements such as magnetised weaponry, or a conversion, let us know when you request a quote and we’ll work with you to realise your ideas.

See to the right an example of an Eldar Wraithknight being magnetised, allowing the entire kit to be made useful rather than a single weapon configuration. This can allow a lot of versatility, and a lot more value for money.

Want something like it done? Just ask!



Painting Level 1

– Basic Tabletop

1Level 1 is intended for those that want an army that looks great on the table, but isn’t intended for picking up for close inspection.

Good use of this standard would be for ‘horde’ type armies, where you have lots of little critters that are viewed en masse, such as tyranid guants, ork boys, or imperial guard troopers.
The painting is neat, effective, but simple. Quickshade or washes made be used to achieve solid fleshtone effects or other shading.


Painting Level 2

– High Quality Tabletop

2Level 2 is our most commonly requested standard. Good for where you also want to be able to pick up miniatures and admire them closely, but where they are still intended for play, not display.
Good use of this standard would be a typical space marine army, where a somewhat more modest number of figures suits the detail involved.
Moving from level 1 to 2, painting begins to include more highlighting, detail, and washes are more targeted, with armour plates and the like raised in colour again afterwards.


Painting Level 3

– Display

3Level 3 is for those who want good looking miniatures designed for their appearance rather than for playing. These tend to require significant additional working time to accommodate the larger quantity of detail involved.

Characters, vehicles and large monsters benefit the most from this standard.
Significant increases in time allow for more detail, highlighting and colour gradients to be created where suitable. An effort is made to ensure all aspects of the model have something that catches the eye.




 Painting Level 4

– High Display


Level 4 is a level of painting that turns each miniature into a piece of artwork, and is for those who want a miniature or army that is truly outstanding. Each miniature has huge amounts of time spent upon it really making details pop and blends smooth and radiant.

Due to the individual nature of this level of painting they’re not included in the pricing table, but please message us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Basing Level 1

Basing involving the use of stock plastic bases, usually the material supplied with the kits. Sand, putty, pastes, static grasses and painting transform these into solid but affordable basing in the clients chosen style. The Eldar examples above are basing level 1.

Basing Level 2

Where the client needs something extensively customised or the use of third party resin bases, level 2 basing comes into play. We can source bases to whatever style you need, and paint them accordingly.

Anything Else?

If there is anything not mentioned here that you’d like done for your project, just drop us a message via the Contact Us page, and we’ll do our best to help!