New Galleries, New Prices

Hey guys, Matt here at Raven’s Nest.

Ever since I started Raven’s Nest 12 years ago, my goal has been to create great miniatures for people, but at a fair price. Maintaining that while keeping artists fairly paid has been a difficult balancing act.

But, it also hasn’t escaped my attention that especially over the last couple of years, the cost of living has been biting into everyone’s budgets, not to mention making things more challenging to be a commission artist.

As a result, I’ve chosen to revise our prices, countering some rises we made in the last two years, lowering them to make commissions more affordable to all of you while still maintaining the quality of what we make for you and fair pay to our artists. We’ve focused especially on decreasing the cost of Level 1, providing an easier entry point to commissions for you all, but there are savings across the board, including over our assembly rates.

You’ll find the new pricing table here, with full details for all model categories.

Additionally, our venerable wordpress gallery plugin failed during March. As a result, we’ve taken the opportunity to completely overhaul our galleries, showcasing some of our best work from the last several years, giving you all a better picture of what we will produce in your projects.

Head over and have a look.

We have some more exciting things in the works for later this year, so stay tuned.