This Weeks Industry News

At the moment it feels like Warhammer are previewing and releasing something new everyday! Here is a breakdown of the last’s week news for Miniatures.

18th January 2023

Can you believe that we’ve reached 40 years of Warhammer? To celebrate, Warhammer are looking back with a year long showcase of their seminal Miniatures. The link below, takes you to Warhammer Community to read about the first 2 in their showcase.

19th January 2023

The Scimitar Jetbikes of the Age of Darkness are modifications of complex pre-Imperium designs. Essentially compact aircraft with the addition of grav-impellors, they rush your Space Marines into combat at great speed. And soon you’ll be able to add them to your army. Keep an eye out for their release date! Check out their stats via the link below.

20th January 2023

Forge World

Have a look at the link below to see the Forge World Kits for their New Metalheads, Meat Scavengers, and Mercenaries. All kits are available to Pre-Order now.

Lord of The Rings

December marked 20 years since the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers™ and to celebrate this milestone, we are bringing you another Middle-earth Made to Order featuring a series of classic miniatures from that very film. There are Riders, Rangers, and a selection of miniatures from the epic siege of Helm’s Deep. Click the link below to see more about the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

21st January 2023

Rejoice, Guardsmen! The first wave of Astra Militarum are available for Pre-order from this week, check out the new Kits via the link below.

22nd January 2023

With a video from the Las Vegas Open,  Warhammer let us know that The Era of the Beast rages on, and two of the Mortal Realms’ most fractious factions rejoin the fray with new battletomes, new miniatures, and a pair of Vanguard boxes. 

Check out the video here and pop over to Warhammer Community via the link below to check see more!

23rd January 2023

The Gloomspite Gitz are scuttling to war! Hordes of grots are pouring out of the dankest caves in the Mortal Realms, bringing along clusters of dimwitted troggoths, scrums of snapping squigs, and, more recently, packs of rabid snarlfangs. Head over to the Warhammer Community page via the link below to see what will be available for pre-order from this weekend!

24th January 2023

Beasts of Chaos Can Spring an Ambush With Their Entire Army, with more sets to pre-order from this weekend, check out their stats via the link below.

25th January 2023

More new Kits for Pre-order from this weekend, The Bad Moon Gets Even Badder in the New Gloomspite Gitz Battletome. Have a look at what you need to know via the link below.