Matt’s Projects – Runner Alien

Hey all, Matt here.

Just wrapped up on one of our display pieces for a fellow named Ian hailing all the way from Paris.

Yep, this charming little beastie is the Runner (Dog Alien) from Alien 3!

Absolutely gorgeous model despite its age, it was a rather easy build although one or two edges and seams took a fair bit of filing to get relatively in alignment, but that’s not uncommon for older plastic casts.


He’s painted in a mixture of Vallejo Game Color paints, predominantly a large mixture of Khaki, Charred Brown, and a half dozen other browns drybrushed on lightly in layers to build up a simple base. Various greens and olive colours and a little more dark brown was applied in strokes over lots of the various curves and vents to dapple the surface somewhat and give us some variation. After that a great deal of wash layers helped to┬áblend everything together.

The head was a little more tricky. Xeno here is composed of a standard plastic head with a clear plastic shell that fits over his cranium. I minimised the seam as much as I could and worked on giving a nice transition from black to the orange, brown and cream colours, actually dappled the surface before airbrushing it back to smooth tones given the nice contrast that makes with the comparatively rather noisy body. Finally, lots… and lots… of gloss varnish. A xeno has to look slick and sexy while he’s killing convicts right?

Thanks Ian, absolute pleasure to do.



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