Sam’s Projects – High Elves Army

Hello to all and to all hello,

Here are the High Elves (Aelves?) I’ve been working on, to add to the Spire of Dawn elves I completed last year. This was a large commission of level 1 and level 2 work totalling nearly 200 minis.

I quite enjoyed the chance to paint the phoenixes as they’re something I’ve wanted to paint since they were released but have never had the opportunity to so it allowed me to have a little fun with colour tones.

I think of all the armies of the old world of Warhammer Fantasy, High Elves always looked the best ranked up and arrayed for battle, the blue and the white, with colourful banners standing tall, always caught my eye whenever they were on the table and these guys definitely looked the part on my desk.

Here are a selection of units, there are others but they’re in a state of disassembly for transport and don’t make for good pictures 🙂

For the Phoenix King!

– Sam

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