Tabletop Tyrant Cases

So, some time ago we talked about how we’re working on a variety of incentive items to add to large army projects, the centerpiece of which being our offering model cases to our clients.

We’re essentially looking to offer a set of cases and other benefits that will scale with the size of the commission project in question. We’ve begun offering a discount structure of £10 off our rates for every £250 of labour in a project, which is all well and good, but with trade prices making items more affordable, we’d like to provide as good a deal as possible to our customers. As with our model suppliers, we have a history of always passing the discounts we receive to our customers. We’re going to continue that with these free incentives.

The first supplier we located gave us access to products from KR Multicase. However, before long we realised the distributor did not allow us to scale the size of the case against project size without using the metal cases they offer, which while attractive, are extremely expensive, and as a result, we would only then be able to offer cases with the largest of commissions. That to us, is a bit limiting. We also don’t want to mix the card and metal cases they offer. Perhaps it’s our OCD?

Enter Tabletop Tyrant (


  • TT ‘Skirmisher’ Case – RRP £19.99


  • TT ‘Kingmaker’ Case – RRP £33.99kingmaker-standard-on-display-sw-template
  • TT ‘Tyrant’ Case – RRP £49.99tyrant-standard-on-display-sw
  • TT ‘Dreadnought’ Case – RRP – £74.99dreadnought-standard-loadout

These fine fellows provide a truly excellent set of products, at more affordable prices than their competitors. In addition, they offer a beautiful continuous line of products that scale with cost. We’ve examined their products in person, and here is our review;

Their cases are of excellent construction, water resistant, lined with a plastic armour on all sides and can be stacked without trouble while retaining the functionality of a shoulder bag. They also opted for metal buckles rather than plastic so you don’t need to worry about the strap breaking free with a heavy load. One of the best features however is the way they can open from the side, allowing you to get to the layers at the bottom much more quickly than with a top loading case. If you’re setting up quickly at a tournment, this design will be a godsend.

In addition, the foam they offer has plenty of choice and also generally possesses an under layer for further reinforcement, visible in the above photographs.

In short, we’re very impressed, and the four cases above (Skirmisher, Kingmaker, Tyrant and Dreadnought if you’re checking their site) are the ones we’re currently planning to make available for commissions with £250, £500, £750 and £1000 of labour respectively. If you aren’t looking for a case you’ll still be able to select a cash discount instead, but we think these are going to be really tempting!

We’ll also be setting up a webstore where you can purchase more cases and foam layers to match any additional needs you have beyond the free cases we give you.

So, exciting times!