Happy New Year from RNP

Hey everyone, Matt here at Raven’s Nest.

I hope you’ve had a good christmas and a happy new year.

Last year certainly had some interesting times for us all. We at RNP certainly hope you’ve kept safe, and hopefully kept gaming, at least at a social distance! For our part we’ve kept on top of things despite the considerable challenges hitting the industry, but now we think it’s high time for things to pick up.

The website’s about to undergo a bit of a gradual rejuvenation over the coming few weeks which should include some streamlining, a variety of new content including better explanations of our services, new offers and other exciting things for our clients. Nothing set in stone just yet, but among other things we’re looking into the possibilities of changing our current free case deals to be a more comprehensive care package system with various freebies to make receiving your projects more fun!

Our blog and social media will be getting more attention too as I’ll be joined shortly by a few new team members helping to handle that side.

Last but not least, I’m glad to announce that we’re going to be hiring again, taking on new painters to join our team. If you or a friend are interested, feel free to get in touch.

Here’s to an awesome new year!