From the Painting Desk

Welcome to the Ravens Nest blog where we will be showing you our “behind the scenes” work presenting our artists thoughts, creative process and techniques they’ve used while creating the work our customers have come to love! Our “Painter of the Week” section will be showing off one of our artists commissions in all of its true glory! While also getting to know about the fabled legends at Ravens Nest who put their brush’s to model to make your hobby dreams become reality.

First up we have one of our newest team members and trust me when I say time means nothing when it comes to this artist, He’s only been with us a couple of weeks but has already produced an incredible batch of models from one of Games Workshops kits Kill Team Octarius.

All of this work was created using the Citadel Paints range. Firstly the models were undercoated with a thin grey primer and then to add a realistic depth to these Orks he built the undercoat up with a lighter and brighter grey. A masterfully blend of green and yellow was then added to create the desired skin tones. after this our painter really showed off his skills with his use of edge highlighting and dry brushing the fabrics with pure white over the grey base to build that smooth professional transition we strive to achieve, before adding Snakebite Leather to finish it off. Now we all know the phrase ”Facing and basing” so we provide a range of basing options for our customers, in this instance of a lvl 2 basing option he’s used a fine sand with small shredded cork blocks to show the truly rough war-zone these Orks are fighting through. The Grot and adorable Squig both follow the same techniques used with the Orks but started off with a much brighter white undercoat to show off their different tones as well as really make them standout as the unique units they are! .

Our artist was so passionate about this project and really gave it his all! Even forming an unusual friendship with the Squig which he named Terrance… but then, who can resist those little Space Hoppers of Doom?

As you can see from the images, he has a bright future here at Ravens Nest; some would say even brighter than that squig (who knew that was possible!). These Orks and Guardsmen are painted to our Level 2 High Tabletop Quality.

Stay tuned for more From the Painting Desk!

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