November Studio Update

While the gretchin crew are prepping their whips to get me back to the painting desk, I want to get in a quick word on our current workload and crew situation.

This has been a very good year for us. We’ve carried on building our crew up, launched the new website and put out a huge body of photography of our work output. However, you’d be amazed how much work has begun to come in.

We currently possess more than thirty open or queued projects, ranging from a single character or squad up to mid sized army projects. It’s common for our painters to work on anywhere up to several projects at one time, however this is indeed a heavy workload list.

At the same time Paul is still shrugging off injuries from a car accident, Sam recently relocated to the north to work with us, and Gemma and myself just finished moving house. This has cost us a little working time in recent weeks, so in light of our surge of project orders recently we’re working additional hours and burning through the work. I have a few clients who are also over their estimated project times, so to those of you, please bear with us and you can expect updates on your work in the next couple of weeks.

With our current status as of two days ago, I am stating to all current quote requests that the waiting time before work can begin on new projects will be four weeks to properly accommodate current work. Anyone considering a new project, please bear that timeframe in mind.

For our work this coming week, Paul is currently painting up a mixture of heresy characters, while Ben has a number of our ebay orders inlcuding 40k Deathwing Knights and a Dark Talon. Sam is working through a fifth batch of heresy Emperor’s Children and among other things I’m covering a mixture of Eldar, Sisters of Battle and some space marine vehicles and infantry.

I’ll be issuing more updates like this over the next couple of weeks, including specifics on individual projects. On that note, the gretchin runtherd tells me they have their whips oiled and ready. I’ll be back soon!