Select Your Basing

Level 1 / Standard Basing

This level is our most commonly requested standard, and is for those who simply wish to get their miniatures tournament ready for the most reasonable price. The following effects are examples of level 1.

  • Barren rock with grass.
  • Simple texture paint surfaces like Martian Ironearth.
  • Bases entirely covered by one effect such as snow.

Level 2 / Advanced Basing

This is where we generally combine a variety of materials and effects to create more dynamic base. Materials such as cork, slate and sand may be mixed to provide an intriguing foundation, with ruins, grass and leaves, rubble or other items added. Water effects, lava or snow might cover the result.

Level 3 / Precast Basing

Level 3 involves a third party resin cast base. If you’re looking for a high ornamental and stylised base for your army, this is for you. We recommend the bases provided by Micro Art Studios’ battle base ranges. See their ranges at:

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