Warmaster Horus

Horus was the Primarch of the Luna Wolves Legion, later re-named the Sons of Horus in his honour, and greatest of his superhuman kind. A tactical genius and charismatic battle leader, Horus proved himself over the course of the Great Crusade as a warlord second only to the Emperor whom he served and called father. So it was that when the Emperor stood apart from the burden of command of the Great crusade, it was Horus that he named Warmaster in his stead. But ambition and pride festered within the Warmaster’s heart and at Davin he fell, and the lies and corruption of the Warp infected his soul.

Painted by Sam to a high display level this Primarch is part of an ongoing display project for a client and as you can see, Sam has done the Warmaster justice with an excellent finish.

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