Blood Angels Work in Progress, by Matt

Hey everyone, Matt here.

This week I’ve been working on prepping yet another additional contingent for the monolithic blood angel army I’m doing for Ryan. This time it consists of another thirty primaris intercessors and the marine content of a Shadowspear box. (not to mention a few Rhinos that add to a vehicle pool I’ll cover later this month)

All in all it should push his army to over 180 astartes! The emperor will be proud of him… but it does make my workspace look like I’ve dropped a hospital blood pack on it.

Don’t these slackers know there are xenos to purge?

Absolutely loving the sculpts for the new vanguard marines, as has been common for GW in recent years, the detail has been pushed to the limit, although the rather specific part design does mean I’ve been unable to swap in blood angel shoulder pads. On the bright side, with all their detail I think carefully applied decals will be fine.

Currently in the process of airbrushing, applying zenithal highlights and balancing the reds with a wash mixture I concocted while I await a new set of extra resin bases to seat them on. Till then they just look like they’re taking it rather easy.

And this is just a few of Ryan’s character entourage!

In the days to come I’ll be edge highlighting the armour, blocking in the rest of their basecoat and detail. I’ll probably end up taking breaks to paint individual characters to avoid losing my mind to endless batch processing techniques!

See you all soon.