Miniature Painting

We offer several levels of service you can pick from to suit your needs.

Level 1: ‘Tabletop’

Designed to be a simple cost effective method to get your miniatures tournament ready. Superb choice when working to a budget or where your collection features a lot of massed infantry where an individual mini isn’t going to be scrutinised heavily, but rather the squad as a whole.

Level 2: ‘High Tabletop’

Our most commonly requested service, designed to give a full basecoat with a generous layer of highlighting and detail.

Provides the working time necessary to add decals, zenithal highlights and other simple effects. We recommend it as an excellent all round base for an army with great value for money.

Level 3: ‘Display’

A excellent balance of quality versus cost, often selected for characters and large focal point units.

Affords the working time for two layers of highlighting and colour blending, also scope for minor freehand designs, simple non metallic metal or weathering if desired. This level is a perfect choice if your miniatures will spend time on display when not turning your enemies into steaming piles of cube diced bacon.

Tabletop Includes

  • A simple neat basecoat.
  • Washes applied to provide recessing over the model.
  • A single layer of edge highlighting, applied in prominent areas.

High Tabletop Includes

  • A complete basecoat comprising all colours appropriate to the model.
  • An airbrushed zenithal highlight over the primary armour colour. (if appropriate)
  • Targeted washes to all appropriate colours.
  • A single layer of edge highlighting applied to the majority of the model.
  • Prominent detail is well painted including insignia, teeth, claws and so on.

Display Includes

  • A complete basecoat comprising all colours appropriate to the model.
  • An airbrushed preshade over the primary armour colour.
  • Targeted washes to all appropriate colours.
  • Two layers of edge highlighting across the entire model.
  • All detail on a model is carefully painted.
  • Smooth colour transitions may be applied using a mixture of airbrush or wet blending effects at the artists discretion.
  • Embellishments such as weathering, minor freehand designs (e.g. tattoos, scars, chapter symbols) can be added.
Level 4: ‘Custom’

This is for those of you who are looking to push things a bit further.

Perhaps you’d love a miniature with complex freehand designs, a heavy ‘grimdark’ style with enough weathering to make it look like it’s been through hell, or a non-metallic metal paintjob that really catches the eye.

Our highest level of service, this allows us the working time to provide you with complex or time consuming techniques that yield some of the best results.

Rather than list stages of painting as in our three conventional level standards, we’ll speak with you at length to determine your needs, then work with your ideas to tailor this service to bring your vision to life.

Want to look over our rates? We have something for everyone, so head on over to our pricing guide here for more information:

Or, if you’re ready to get something planned out, why not get in touch and we’ll help you with a detailed breakdown of cost for your project: