Miniature Basing

Don’t settle for black plastic! Have us make something fantastic for your minis to stand on!

Standard Basing

For traditional appearances such as barren earth, rocky rubble with simple embellishments such as static grass or snow, our Standard Basing may suit your needs to give a variety of simple but effective appearances.

‘Advanced Basing’

For something more complex, our Advanced Basing standard allows you to request a wide variety of materials and effects, from slate or cork to represent rocky crags to lava moulded from epoxyresin, stringy spider webs, frosty ice zones or a multitude of foliage to simulate jungle.

Many environmental effects can be created, so describe your ideas and we’ll work something special up just for you!

‘Precast Basing’

Last but certainly not least, ‘Precast’ bases involve us working on premade sculpted bases from third party companies.

This might involve the sculpted base that your miniature already came on, complete with it’s own intricate scene or we might be ordering in something special.

This service has the widest range of costs as some base ranges can be simple to work on while others may be highly detailed perhaps even having additional miniatures for the dead strewn around the feet of your mighty hero. Give us an idea of what appearance you’d like and we’ll be glad to recommend a variety of options tailored to you.

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