Miniature Basing

Don’t settle for black plastic! Have us make something fantastic for your minis to stand on!

Level 1 / Standard Basing

This covers simple effects like barren earth, rocky rubble with simple embellishments like grass, or texture paints can be used to give a variety of simple but effective styles.

Our Level 1 ‘Standard’ Basing is now included FREE with all our painting services.

Level 2 / Advanced Basing

Level 2 ‘Advanced’ Basing allows us to utilise a wider array of materials, such as cork and slate, resins and epoxy and much more to create more varied effects.

Jungles, forests, rocky crags and environmental effects like snow, water and many other features are achievable here.

Level 3 / Precast Basing

Level 3 ‘Precast’ bases, will involve us working on premade sculpted bases from third party vendors.

We highly recommend Microart Studios fantastic ranges. Please note, these costs represent us painting these highly detailed bases. Sourcing the bases from a manufacturer of your choice will add further cost.