So, as discussed in recent posts, we’ve rebalanced how our painting and basing services are going to work, and as a team we’ve been discussing where we see the costs of these new services settling. We have a table prepared with a draft of these costs for you to view today.

The table below will become live on June 1st, after the website has been through a large rework. Some tweaks are planned, but the prices below are largely what we expect to work with.

Given that our plans have grown to include a number of items like model cases, scenery and others that will be offered as incentives for large orders and sold also through a webstore, the website is going to be worked on through June, and should be expected come the start of July. The pricing changes are going live for all new quotes going forward now.

A few noticeable points.

  • We’ve lowered our projected cost of the Horde rate from £4-5 to a flat £4 per figure. We really want to ensure you have a cost effective method of getting your dozens of minions painted without breaking the bank.
  • Similarly, we’ve kept the cost of our Gaming base standard low to ensure large armies and those working to a budget have affordable options available.
  • Display prices match our old level 3 prices almost exactly.
  • Assembly is the main area that has gone up. We always worked far below minimum wage on assembly, with an average space marine tactical squad usually involving a couple of hours at least of careful part prep, mould line removal, barrel drilling and dynamic posing for just £10. After six years, it’s finally had to change. We’ve done our best to keep it at a level that our customers should find reasonable however, allowing us to cope with inflation and remain competitive.

So please, have a read and plan your projects!

If you have any feedback you’d like to send our way, feel free to leave a comment or mail us at [email protected]



Pricing Chart Mockup

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