Raven’s Nest Painting is a company created in 2012, working originally through eBay to provide painted miniature services. Our aim is to provide you with great quality models for a reasonable price.

Raven’s Nest is currently made up of 7 artists, each with their own style and flair.


Started out running my school's Warhammer club back at 16. I'm now 31 and have been painting ever since!

In early 2012 I started putting it to good use after friends asked me to do army painting for them. I eventually grew into the business you see today!

After years of doing this for a living, I've become very proud of the work we do and grateful for the extremely talented people we have in the team.

It's always fun seeing what they've come up with next, or what new clients have in store for us!

Personally, I have collections of Warhammer 40k Eldar and Tyranids, although the irony is, my own minis never get a lot of my painting time, I'm too busy making things for you all! I swear my Harridan wants to turn me into biomass...


I have been painting models and miniatures since I was 11 starting with airfix kits.

During that time I have worked for Games Workshop and for Spartan Games and have found that what I enjoy most about the hobby is trying out new techniques on miniatures.

My favourite armies are the Legio Custodes and the Salamanders. Aside from wargaming my hobbies include computer games, bass guitar and trying to keep the dog out of mischief.


I've been painting and collecting miniatures since I was 12 (1989) so that makes me the old one!

I started working for Games Workshop in 1997 for 3 years and have been involved in the miniatures industry ever since. I organise the UK Warmachine and Hordes Nationals and have been involved in Privateer Press in some form for the past 12 years. I have also owned a Game Shop.

I like lots of miniatures and collect many armies for many different systems but mainly game Age of Sigmar with a Tzeetch army, DeathWatch for 40K, Cryx, Trollbloods, and Retribution for Warmachine and Hordes. My collection is vast, one day I shall paint it all. 


I have been painting models for around 15 years now and do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

I was first introduced to the hobby by the Games Workshop Lord of The Rings magazine, after going into the shop to buy more Lord of The Rings models and to play some games with some friends, we became aware of the Warhammer 40K universe as well as the Warhammer Fantasy Battle now Age of Sigmar.

After a quick look at some Eldar and Chaos Space Marines i quickly transcended into the world of 40k with my first Eldar army, followed swiftly by Chaos Space Marines. So like any other teenager i poured all my money and time into the hobby and spent most of my summer holidays inside the Games Workshop playing games and painting. 

​Finally I landed at the feet of the Necrons which became my main focus point and lead to around 3 or 4 different armies, one of which was featured on the Games Workshop website many moons ago. After a few tournaments I decided that painting was more the route I wanted to go, so after some quick adjustments and setting up and eBay page i began to sell models and start commission painting.

I have been painting and modelling since I was around 10 when my parents bought my first model, the humble Airfix Spitfire in 1/72 scale.
I started painting Warhammer figures in my mid-teens (1995 or thereabouts) when a close friend introduced me to them. We would game every week and challenge each other to paint a squad or something by the next week.
I joined RNP last year and thoroughly enjoy the work as each commission is different and I am pushing myself all the time to improve on skills.
I have yet to master non-metallic metals, but that is the holy grail for us artists.
Favourite models have to include Lilith Hasperax from the Dark Eldar, the Baneblade (so glad it was released in plastic) and Custodes Captain Trajann Valoris. I’d love to get my hands on the FW Tau Manta....

Hey all I'm Paul the latest to join the RNP team in May 2019 and absolutely loving working with these guys basically my dream job.

I've been painting from about the age of 14 so I have 3 decades of experience of painting, but so much has changed since I started meaning having to learn the new paints.

I used to game weekly but not so much these days I'm enjoying the side of painting too much for the gaming to get in the way.


Nic is currently on a Sabatical and is hoping to return soon.


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