Raven’s Nest Painting is a company created in 2012, working originally through eBay to provide painted miniature services. Our aim is to provide you with great quality models for a reasonable price.

Raven’s Nest is currently made up of 7 artists, each with their own style and flair.

Raven Overseer

I have been painting models and miniatures since I was 11 starting with airfix kits.

During that time I have worked for Games Workshop and for Spartan Games and have found that what I enjoy most about the hobby is trying out new techniques on miniatures.

My favourite armies are the Legio Custodes and the Salamanders. Aside from wargaming my hobbies include computer games, bass guitar and trying to keep the dog out of mischief.

Techno Raven

I've been painting and collecting miniatures since I was 12 (1989) so that makes me the old one!

I started working for Games Workshop in 1997 for 3 years and have been involved in the miniatures industry ever since. I organise the UK Warmachine and Hordes Nationals and have been involved in Privateer Press in some form for the past 12 years. I have also owned a Game Shop.

I like lots of miniatures and collect many armies for many different systems but mainly game Age of Sigmar with a Tzeetch army, DeathWatch for 40K, Cryx, Trollbloods, and Retribution for Warmachine and Hordes. My collection is vast, one day I shall paint it all. 


Been painting models for 6 Years prefer AOG.

Started with 40K building Dark Angels and then moved to Dark Elves. I have since started using Villajo paints as the pots are better. I play Xbox in my spare time.

I love to read comics preferably DC comics. I'm looking to start playing The Lord of the Rings game and paint some iconic characters.


I have been modelling since I was a kid but got into GW models in ‘96, started on space marines and have painted and collected pretty much all the 40k armies at some point or another except for Tyrannids and Orks. Love imperial guard.

Not really into the gaming, just love painting the models.

My favourite model has to be either the voidraven bomber, the Lhamaean or the Archon from the Dark Eldar. 


The first time I ever put brush to paint was at the young age of 6 when I had put together an airfix spitfire with my dad.

From there my paints found other scale models, matchbox cars and more than a few tables before, at the age of 8, i stumbled into my first Games Workshop. I've been painting anything i can get my hands on from then on branching out into several other wargames picking up new styles and techniques along the way.

Now living in Nottingham, I enjoy playing regularly with different groups around the city and paint whenever the opportunity arises.


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