Level 4 / High Display Painting

Our highest level of service currently, providing miniatures with a high degree of detail, multiple levels of highlighting and blending work over all of the model. If you’re looking for something that will catch many eyes on the table, and be perfect for a display case when you’re done, this is the standard for you.

Stages of Painting Included

  • A complete basecoat comprising all colours appropriate to the model.
  • An airbrushed preshade over the primary armour colour.
  • Targeted washes to all appropriate colours.
  • Three layers of edge highlighting is applied across the entire model.
  • All detail on a model is carefully painted.
  • Due to the increased available working time, the artist will combine a variety of effects and materials to ensure the model is pushed to a highly pleasing appearance suitable for primarily being used for display.
  • Large embellishments such as heavy weathering, freehand work(e.g. banner designs, multiple scars, tattoos or battle damage) can be added.
  • Heavily blended schemes such as non-metallic metal styles can be adopted here.
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