High Display Level 4 Gallery

This standard is for miniatures that are primarily about being displayed in a case, where you want our artists to push every detail and blend possible. Working times and resultant prices can vary wildly at this level, so we consider level 4 requests on a case by case basis.

Stages of Painting Included

  • A complete basecoat comprising all colours appropriate to the model.
  • An airbrushed preshade over the primary armour colour.
  • Targeted washes to all appropriate colours.
  • Highlighting is only achieved using individually brushed edge highlighting.
  • All detail on a model will be carefully painted.
  • Level 4 will see the most usage of more time consuming techniques including airbrushed glows and effects, stencil usage and wet blending. The artist will combine a variety of effects and materials to ensure the model is pushed to a highly pleasing appearance suitable for primarily being used for display.

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