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Level 1 / Tabletop

Our basic level of service, featuring a full basecoat with a limited level of detail. Designed to be a simple cost effective method to get your miniatures tournament ready. Superb choice when working to a budget or where your collection features a lot of massed infantry where an individual mini isn’t going to be scrutinised heavily, rather the squad as a whole.

Level 2 / High Tabletop

Our most commonly requested service, designed to give a full basecoat with a generous layer of highlighting and detail.

Provides the working time necessary to add decals, zenithal highlights and other simple effects. We recommend it as an excellent all round base for an army with great value for money.

Level 3 / Display

A good balance of quality versus cost, often selected for characters and large focal point units. Affords the working time for two layers of highlighting and colour blending, also scope for minor freehand designs, simple non metallic metal or weathering if desired.

This level is a perfect choice if your miniatures will spend time on display when not turning your enemies into steaming piles of cube diced bacon.

Level 4 / High Display

Our highest level of service, providing miniatures with a high degree of detail, multiple levels of highlighting and blending work over all of the model. Provides the necessary working time to combine all techniques allowing more extensive freehand designs, complex blending effects such as non-metallic metal schemes and more.

If you’re looking for something that will catch many eyes on the table, and be perfect for a display case when you’re done, this is the standard for you.