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Level 1 / Horde

Ever wondered how to get your hundreds of tyranid hormagaunts or imperial guardsmen onto the table in tournament acceptable paintjobs? That’s what Horde is for.


Level 2 / High Tabletop

Our most commonly requested service, High Tabletop is intended to be our baseline for general model work and aimed at models that are for play.


Level 3 / Display

Another very commonly requested level. Level 3 is for when your models are going to be used for play, but may also see time on display when not turning enemies in steaming piles of cube diced bacon.


Level 4 / High Display

This standard is for miniatures that are primarily about being displayed in a case, where you want our artists to push every detail and blend possible. Working times and resultant prices can vary wildly at this level, so we consider level 4 requests on a case by case basis.




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