Level 3 / Display Painting

A good balance of quality versus cost, often selected for characters and large focal point units. Affords the working time for two layers of highlighting and colour blending, also scope for minor freehand designs, simple non metallic metal or weathering if desired. This level is a perfect choice if your miniatures will spend time on display when not turning your enemies into steaming piles of cube diced bacon.

Stages of Painting Included

  • A complete basecoat comprising all colours appropriate to the model.
  • An airbrushed preshade over the primary armour colour.
  • Targeted washes to all appropriate colours.
  • Two layers of edge highlighting across the entire model.
  • All detail on a model is carefully painted.
  • Smooth colour transitions may be applied using a mixture of airbrush or wet blending effects at the artists discretion.
  • Embellishments such as weathering, minor freehand designs (e.g. tattoos, scars, chapter symbols) can be added.
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