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Tabletop Tyrant Cases

So, some time ago we talked about how we’re working on a variety of incentive items to add to large army projects, the centerpiece of which being our offering model cases to our clients. We’re essentially looking to offer a set of cases and other benefits that will scale with the size of the commission […]

Matt’s Projects – Runner Alien

Hey all, Matt here. Just wrapped up on one of our display pieces for a fellow named Ian hailing all the way from Paris. Yep, this charming little beastie is the Runner (Dog Alien) from Alien 3! Absolutely gorgeous model despite its age, it was a rather easy build although one or two edges and […]

New Studio Pricing Chart

So, as discussed in recent posts, we’ve rebalanced how our painting and basing services are going to work, and as a team we’ve been discussing where we see the costs of these new services settling. We have a table prepared with a draft of these costs for you to view today. The table below will […]

Our Basing Changes – Coming June 1st

So a little over a week ago I discussed how changes were coming to our painting levels, and how this might affect the prices we charge and services we offer. Another of those posts is needed to cover changes to our Basing services. – Basing is going to switch from the traditional Level 1 and […]

Our Painting Levels Are Changing – Coming June 1st

Hey all, Matt here at RNP. In my last post, I talked over how we’re planning some changes to the way we do business, both through our services and the way we offer them. It’s time for some details. Sam, Peter, Darron and myself have had some long discussions and we’ve hammered out a few […]

It’s Time To Paint Models And Chew Bubblegum…

It’s been quite some time since the last blog post. Well over a year in fact. It’s high time I gave a bit of an update for you all. The short version; RNP had an extremely busy 2017 due to various reasons, stumbled a little while getting to grips with it, but now we’re in […]

RNP Christmas Break Period

A quick word on our Christmas Break period. From the 22nd our team will be taking our christmas break and downing tools until the 1st of January. As mentioned in my December update, we’ll be doing our best to complete a few more projects before that occurs. I (Matt) will be personally heading back to work […]

December Studio Update

It’s time for our December studio update! Quite a few projects have completed in the last few weeks including no less than three full Adeptus Mechanicus armies; Not to mention another detachment of Emperor’s Children; We’ve also cleared a number of our smaller orders; So, huge amounts are getting completed, and we have yet more […]

November Studio Update

While the gretchin crew are prepping their whips to get me back to the painting desk, I want to get in a quick word on our current workload and crew situation. This has been a very good year for us. We’ve carried on building our crew up, launched the new website and put out a huge […]

Who We Are

Hey everyone! Matt here from Raven’s Nest Painting. It’s been a little time now since we’ve launched the new website and this blog has been needing some love since then. I’d like to begin with a few words on who we are. You’ll be hearing more from us over the coming weeks. RNP started out […]